It's Our Fault

Why are we so schocked at youth culture today? We just can't believe them. Big Events and shows and stuff. That is so so sad that they buy into that stuff. Why? This is all we feed them. I sit here at a big conference. What the speaker said was not bad. The worship is good. But folks, especially ministers, we created this monster. We created club worship. We sacrifice our dignity , our integrity, our commitment, and our people to this machine. It is the same with adults too. We must really be worshipping God, because we sing "contemporary songs". We have a reflection time in our service. We have guitars. We have drums. Hey, guess what? None of that matters. We can sing the same song over and over 50 million times, but that does not mean we are truly seeking God. Closing your eyes and looking up does not mean jack.

We do not believe in the word of God anymore. We think we must water it down, chop it in half, avoid issues, and put it all in a easy to read format. In fact, we can't expect people to take time to actually read, so we better slap it on a breathmint or cofffe mug. They see those things more than they see God anyways.

I am not talking about stripping all this way for sensory worship or a lecto divina and all that junk. We must not exchange one tradition for another. We must exchange lies for life. We must trade tradition for truth. If, as a minister, you cannot teach the truth, then you should step down and allow the gospel to be taught. The gospel is all we need. There are so many people in the minstry who have no business being there. I am not the judge of this. People who underestimate people they minister too, who underestimate God, underestimate Truth, people who distort The Way. I am not the judge of these people. As my grandmaw said, " We are not to judge the tree, but we sure can look at the fruit."

We Must Embrace Truth.


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