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The School Year and the Church Year

I dropped off my children for the first day of school today.  This year I have a daughter in 3rd grade, and a daughter in Kindergarten.  But I can't talk about that or I might cry. The elementary school was electric with energy as I walked my youngest to her class.  Teachers were excited, kids were running around, some people looked lost too!  I could tell the teachers were looking forward to a new year, and the kids were too.  I grew up with a father for a teacher, a principal actually, so I'm familiar with the excitement.  The school year starts off strong and follows a predictable schedule. Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas break, and on into the spring semester.  But more than anything, a school year is pushing towards a goal.  A qualifiable, tangible goal: to teach children and move them on to the next grade.  I know teachers do much more than that, but that simplifies it.  And even beyond the goal, a school year has an end in sight.  There's a beginning of the yea