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Simeon Monologue

Tonight at church I read this monologue I wrote from the perspective of Simeon from the book of Luke.  I hope it's a blessing to you. I remember everything about that day.   It was just any other day.   It’s one that I had experienced many times before, but this time was different.   You would think at my age I would have done and seen it all, but never had I seen this.   I entered the temple, just like I had hundreds or thousands of times before.   Some would say I spent most of my time there, but where else should an old man wait for the Messiah? It had been been a long time since I had heard that word from the Lord.   The word that I would live long enough to see the Messiah.   It had been long enough that I had was wondering if I was maybe beginning to doubt. But nevertheless I went to the temple like I had so many times before.   There was a large strapping Jewish man, with a smile as wide as the Eastern Gates.   He seemed to be a friend to everyone he saw, and ever

The Painful Pruning

It had been a beautiful day!  I was sad to see it go.  In fact it had been a really beautiful year.  As long as I could remember it had been sunny and bright. There was always plenty of food, and I was well taken care of.  Granted, I was only a year or so old so I can't remember that much, but my life at the vineyard was a good one.  I had grown a lot during this year, that's for sure.  I started off as a little seedling, but I grew quickly up the trellis along with the other vines around me.  We all had grown, though I think my leaves were a little more fuller and my branches a bit thicker, if I do say so myself. I had noticed something though. The sun was still shining, but not as long it seemed. The days were getting shorter, and the vine dresser seemed to be pre occupied with other tasks these days.  I could tell he was getting ready for something but I couldn't tell what. The other young vines around me didn't know either, though some had heard whispers of someth

Another Ordinary Sunday

I remember it like it was last week.   The Sunday started just like any other Sunday I went up early to turn on the lights and make sure the heat was on, like I always do.   As the morning moved along, we had a great time of worship through song.   As someone prayed I moved towards the pulpit and looked out over the congregation I was eager to see how God was going to move that day. The sermon was from Matthew 12, about the dangers of an empty heart.   If we don't fill our hearts with Jesus, they will be filled with something else.   After the sermon I gave an invitation and a few people came down to pray.   I gave a few closing announcements, and the service was over.   Some people hung around to talk about Christmas decorations, or plans for lunch, or whatever was on their mind. There was no tears of repentance, there was no great movement of God. People worshipped God through song, through the study of His Word, and through fellowship with other believers.   That Sunday, in