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A Review of The Multi-Directional Leader, by Trevin Wax

  Every pastor probably knows the feeling of facing attacks from all sides.  In our current political and religious climate it seems like extremes are more popular than ever.  In his new book " The Multi-Directional Leader" Trevin Wax demonstrates that this is precisely why the church needs leaders who are willing and able to lead on multiple fronts at the same time.  Wax argues that pastors and church leaders shouldn't only guard from the right or the left side of the spectrum, but be on the constant lookout for any belief that takes us away from the Gospel. These threats can come from within the church just as well as outside the church, so we need leadership that consistently stands for the truth, no matter which side it offends. Simply put, Wax defines multi-directional leadership as "the ability to recognize and oppose threats from multiple directions."  Each of those words in that definition are key to his understanding of the task before church leaders a

Historical Theology for the Church, Edited by Duesing and Finn

Historical Theology is not a new field of study by any stretch. Almost ever since the beginning of the church pastors and leaders have been learning from those who came before them.  In their new book to an old field, editors Jason Duesing and Nathan Finn make a substantial contribution to those who want to learn from the faithful before us.  " Historical Theology for the Church " published by B&H Academic is a needed and helpful resource for church leaders of all types. In each chapter a different author follows an area of study in theology, as it relates to that time and location. The book is broken up into four units, detailing different areas of theology in the Patristic Era, Medieval Era, Reformation Era, and the Modern Era.  Within those era's the chapters focus on different areas like the Trinity, the Church, Salvation, and Scripture.   As a local church pastor, I found this book helpful as it traced the developments of different schools of thought in the churc