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Helping my wife prepare for a garage sale is one of the things that I despise most in the world.  Not only because I'm a pack rat, but all the work involved.  I was going through a sack of baby clothes, and marveled at how the small the newborn clothes were.  Almost 8 months ago our lives changed dramtically when our third daughter came into this world.  I can hardly remember life without her, though my wife assures me that it happened.  From the moment she came into this world she has been growing, growing, and growing.  She has outgrown clothes, toys, shoes, and more in only 8 months, and I know from experience it's only going to get worse.  The thing about children is that they never stop growing until they are brought to physical maturity.  Barring a physical ailment or disease, God has built it into children to grown until they reach the point of maturity.  I don't have to tell my daughters to grow, I don't have to always remind them.  I don't have a plan for