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  This past Sunday we had baptisms at church as part of the worship service. That's always a special time, but this was extra special as one of them was my youngest daughter.  I've been blessed to baptize all three of my children at FBC Tishomingo.  Each time has been moving and special for me, but this one felt a little bit different.   By no means is our work raising children done, or is ever really done, but I felt a sense of closure at her profession of faith.  I have prayed regularly for their salvation, and to see the Lord work in their lives over the years has been beyond words.  I sleep easier knowing that each of my children has professed faith in God, and the words of I John become more true to me every day. "I have no greater joy than to hear my children are walking in the truth."  What also makes it special is that I have been able to baptize all three of my daughters in this church. When we came here we had only two, ages 4 and 1. Now we have three, ages