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What Are You?

From Jason Evans I've said this before and I'll say it again simply because it has been alesson learned the hard way for me. You will never know who you are if all youtalk about is what you aren't. Man, ain't that the truth. I read this yesterday and it just stuck inmy head. So what am I? I know what I am against, but putting inotwords what I am for is a lot harder. I think that is one of the things that bothers me alot with all of the emergent and postmodern talk. I agree that there is something wrong with the church today. I agree that culture has changed alot, that there must be new thoughts and new ideas. But now I am ready to do something about it. Honestly, I am not smart enough to sit around and philosophize all day and night about deconstructionism and the like. I wish I was, but I am not. So tell me people, both of you that read this, what are you about? What are you for? Sum up your life for me in a few words. Maybe your life as you wish it could be. Things th

I Did It!

I resigned at my church yesterday! Just two more weeks and I am gone. I told the pastor, and he basically said "I don't blame you" Here is my question: If you knew the situation was bad, why was not anything done about it? Why was no help offered to us? Anyways, I am just glad it is all said and done. Now to start the packing. And find a house in Sherman, where we are moving. I had avoided writing about everything here becuase I think some of them read it. I will not say that it is all ways fun or easy stepping out in faith, but I love seeing how He always comes through for us. God is good!

The Altar Call

"Imagine if you can, Jesus having people bow their heads after hearing the Sermon on the Mount, and then very slowly and softly (while Bartholomew plays "How Great Thou Art" on the accordion) saying to the crowd, "While your heads are bowed and your eyes are closed, if you really want to be My disciple tonight, if you really want to show My Father and I that you truly mean to follow this sermon I have given, then I want you to slip your hand up slowly, so that I may see it. There now... yes... yes... I see that hand ... and that one ... and the one way back by the fig tree ... yes! Now, please, while Bart plays another chorus, I'd like you to start moving down through the center of the crowd ... yes, those who raised their hand. I want to know if you really mean business. I'd like to lead you in a prayer ... " Keith Green in Whats Wrong With the Gospel Part 2 Man, I love Keith Green.

Good News!

Mac Swift is back! Make sure to go over and check him out. Make sure and read the back story to get a full idea of all things Mac