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Herschel Hobbs and a statment for all Baptists

Controversy is not new to Baptist life.  More than sixty years ago many promised fireworks at the annual meeting if their issues were not addressed, others predicted a convention divided, and everyone was grumbling about supposed problems with professors.  I’m not talking about our most recent controversy though. Those issues and more were at stake in the early 1960’s. In 1961 doctrinal controversy was set off by the release of the book “Message in Genesis” by Ralph Elliot.  The release of the book merely brought to the surface tensions which had long been simmering. There was a concern among many that parts of the convention were becoming more “liberal” in their theology and the book was just the proof they were looking for.   The leaders of the SBC were aware of the crisis at hand.  So early in 1962 Porter Routh and Albert McClellan met in the office of Herschel Hobbs to discuss how to avoid division.  Routh was Executive Secretary of the Executive Committee. McClellan was a