What to do?

I just got done preaching at a church tonight in Shawnee for pulpit supply. I have been preaching at this church in OKC. There is a big baptist college in Shawnee, and I think a church there would have lots of potential. Those baptist kids need to hear about Jesus somehow. But this church in OKC. It is just a small baptist church with about 10 people. A mom and dad, and their daughter and husband and four kids, and 3 old people. Their building is run down, they need a pastor, an interim or a full one. But only bi-vocational. But everything about this church is wrong. They have no organization. No building. Their property is run down. No depth. No effort. It would take a lot of work. I am a college student trying to finish, trying to get married in March, trying to follow the Lord. Right now, the only door that continue to open for me is Lakewood in OKC. Does this mean I should go through it? Does God only open doors we should go through? Am I limiting God by saying that nothing is right about that church? I would have to get another job, which I do not have, and I still don't have anywhere to live. I am homeless and jobless. Is it because I am missing out on what God is saying, or do I need to continue to wait.


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