He Didn't Do It!

I know I am a bit late in sounding off on this, not that I particulary care, but those ten commandments do not really belong in that courthouse. Having had some discussions about this, I thought I would write on it. Why do people think that Jesus Died for Democracy? I do not want to sing patriotic songs in a church service. "This land is my land" does not belong in a place with a sermon about the holiness of God. "But this nation was founded on Christian principles," you say. I know that more than most people. I know more about the foundation of this country than anyone would ever want to know. I know about reading the constitution and who wrote it and what they were and what they really meant. People, wake up. This is not a christian nation anymore. The ten commandments are clearly a religous document. What if he had wanted to post a portion from the Quaran in his courthouse? What would we say then? In all probablity I am more conservative than many of you who read this. But they just don't belong there. That is promoting a religion. I don't want them there anyways. I don't my christian life to be sponsored by the state. I want to have to work for it. Should you really pray at football games? Probably not I say. The basis of America is that you can worship as you choose. Being American does not make you a christian.


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