Forgive me Lord, that I have failed so often,
Striving so hard, yet striving all in vain,
Thinking to conquer self and sinful nature,
Instead of which I taste defeat again.

Things I would do, I long leave unaccomplished,
Things that I hate, I far to often do:
In wretchedness my heart cries for the answer
Who shall deliver me? I wish I knew.

“Then sin some more that Grace may be the greater?”
O Lord forbid! That cannot be the way!
Deliverance there must be found in Jesus,
And victory for me o’er sin today.

Hast thou a word to help me, Blessed Master,
To show me how to run aright the race?
Or must I wander on alone in twilight
And seldom see the sunshine of Thy Face?

“Confess thy sins: the Blood has power to cleanse thee:
Submit thy will, and make it one with Mine:
Accept by faith the joy of promised blessing,
And start afresh to walk in light divine!”

Is it so simple then—to take by trusting,
Just as I did when I was born again?
I see it now, it’s in the Cross for asking,
And ask I will, the victory to gain.

I hunger and I thirst for the Thee, Lord Jesus!
O quench that thirst within my inmost heart:
Take all my life that I to Thee surrender,
And may the blessing nevermore depart.

Not for myself I ask for Power, Lord Jesus!
Rather to win the souls of men to Thee,
I give myself in reasonable service—
May I be Spirit—filled abundantly.

  • J. Edwin Orr

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