Much is made of prayer, and rightly so. But still my heart begins to wonder. How can I truly know God, and pray to Him, and still not see any results. I know, as I hear all of you cry out, that I must trust Him. That I must wait for His timing. And I do. Paul prayed for God to remove the thorn from his flesh. This was not a quick shout out to God, but probably a long period of prayer that included fasting and weeping and mourning. So I am left with my question. Why does God seeminly not answer my prayers? If you know, write a book and you will make lots of money. But still, I wonder if I am doing something wrong. I have been reviewing some studies I did in prayer, the conditions of, importance of, and why we do it. I still don't know. Is it wrong of me to demand God to answer my prayers? Yes. On the same note, when I preach the gospel, can I expect someone to be saved everytime? I hear some of you saying no, and I ask you, Why Not? Culture and places and timing and semantics have no room here. The Gospel is the Gospel. Pure and simple. I believe that someone should be saved everytime the gospel is preached. Do you think Paul, Peter, John, or James were content to just preach the Gospel? And then say, "I guess they were moved in their heart."? I will not be satisfied with that. I want my prayer to effect people. James says the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. The whole idea of effectual prayer is that it effects it's objects. Is your prayer effecting people? Why Not? Let us examine ourselves, and move toward Him in our journey, and experience a revolution in not only ourselves but the world.


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