last Sunday, I taught on Genesis Chapter 1. You know, where God creates the world. I am fascinated how everything in the bible applies to us. As we begin this new year, I think we all should look back at the truth in the creation story.

The Bible tells us that in the beginning the earth was formless and without void.
So too is my life without Christ. The Spirit of God moved upon the surface of the deep. Holy Spirit, move on the deep dark places of my soul. Then light was created. Then light and darkness was created. Then heaven and earth were seperated. Then water and earth. THEN, grass and trees and plants began to grow upon the face of the earth.

True growth will not happen without seperation. Before spiritual growth can happen in my life, I must separate myself from the things of this world. I must separate myself in my music, my thoughts, the things I watch, the things I talk about. Growth will not happen until I separate from the world. Away from false doctrine. Church unity is not worth it if you compromise the gospel.

Lord, separate me from this earh. I cannot do it on my own. I will continue to run to the things of this world. Holy Spirit come and move on my heart, and pull me towards the cross.


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