The Chief Resource Raiser

Upon reading Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybles, I cam upon a the chapter where he says the Leader (pastor) is to be the Chief Resource Raiser. He recounts a conversation he had with R.C. Sproul who asked him "How much ministry could you do for a hundred bucks?'' Before he could answer, Sproul replied "About a hundred bucks worth!" Apparently you cannot do ministry without money.

I am quickly growing weary of America today. "What the church needs is true leaders!" What about the cross. This book in particular will go for chapters and chapters without mentioning the cross. 15 steps to this. 5 steps to this. 17 rules for this. We are not putting our reliance on the cross. The church thinks, " I see a need, I see what the Bible tells us to do, I must go out and find a way to make a program work to accomplish this goal." Almost all of my blame goes on the pastors in the pulpit today.

You see, if I am training my people right, teaching them who God is, helping them follow Him, then I need not worry about evangelism. For a heart that is truly seeking after God will naturally be a witness. That heart will seek out the poor and fatherless and help them. My job is not to raise money, to coerce people into helping others, or into being a witness. My job is to simply show them Christ, and let the majesty of His glory do the rest.


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