I Knew It Would Happen

Say something enough, and sooner or later God will call you on it. I tell people all the time that the Gospel is enough. That it can conquer everything. That if you preach the truth, then lives will be changed. And now I am at a place where that is being put to the test. I have to leave everything to God, for He is the only one who can make it happen. The church I am at has a lot of things against it, or so people would say. But now more than ever I must hold true to what I believe. The Gospel is enough. It will overcome all obstacles. And when the Gospel is spoken, lives are changed. And I am seeing it. People putting their complete and total reliance on God. Crying out to Him morning, noon, and night. "We need you, we need you, we need you. More than life or breath, or food or water we need you." That is the cry of a heart seeking after God. Hopefully the cry of your heart, and my heart. Without God, we do not stand a chance.


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