I received this in the e-mail newsletter from Fred Peatross.

Orbiting is responsible creativity that energetically explores and operates beyond the gravity of church models, patterns, accepted norms, and contemporary standards while remaining connected to the spirit of what western culture has come to know as church. To enter orbit around the"contemporary-traditional-church" is to find a place of balance where you benefit from the resources of the organization without becoming entombed in theinstitution. How do you enter orbit? By seizing the best course of action forturning one's vision into a reality while avoiding the pallid path of "church appropriate." To be of optimum value to the "appropriate church" endeavor, I invest enough individuality to counteract the drag of the "appropriate church,"but not so much that I escape the pull altogether. I want to hover just beyond the gravitational pull of the "appropriate church's" programs, ministries and premeditated Sunday morning worship. Through this measured assertion of my own uniqueness I'm reestablishing a dynamic relationship with the appropriate church. I find its gravitational drag an asset that keeps me from floating outinto the overwhelming nothingness of what is embryonic, emerging and still evolving. Yet I must be carefully not to allow that same gravity to suck me into the church hairball, or I'll find myself in a different kind of nothingness. The nothingness of normalcy made stagnant by the contemporary consumer's"appropriate church."

As you know if you read, Sara and I moved down to Sherman, not really knowing what God wanted us to do. I did think, and still do, it willinvolve starting a church sometime, whenever God opens those doors for us. We moved here, knowing we wanted to do things different. But God led us to NorthPark Baptist Church, which for all intents and purposes, is a pretty typical church. I didn't understand how what God wanted us to do tied in at NorthPark.I couldn't see how the two fit together.

Ronald, the pastor, is an extremely Godly man, with a passion forChrist and the scripture. I need that church to keep me grounded. So, like Fred says above, I don't float out into nothingness. I know Ronald will call me if he ever sees me doing something stupid or saying something that doesnot line up with scripture. This relationship is of the utmost importance to me,and I need the church, yes, even the institutional church, in mylife.


Adam said…
thanks for listing my blog! i like your site...

actually, i started a new blog today! i'll not be blogging @ blogger any more.


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