What Are You?

From Jason Evans

I've said this before and I'll say it again simply because it has been alesson learned the hard way for me. You will never know who you are if all youtalk about is what you aren't.

Man, ain't that the truth. I read this yesterday and it just stuck inmy head. So what am I? I know what I am against, but putting inotwords what I am for is a lot harder.

I think that is one of the things that bothers me alot with all of the emergent and postmodern talk. I agree that there is something wrong with the church today. I agree that culture has changed alot, that there must be new thoughts and new ideas. But now I am ready to do something about it. Honestly, I am not smart enough to sit around and philosophize all day and night about deconstructionism and the like. I wish I was, but I am not.

So tell me people, both of you that read this, what are you about? What are you for? Sum up your life for me in a few words. Maybe your life as you wish it could be. Things that you wish were in your life, but aren't right now.

I'll start us off:

community, teacher, lead-minister, beloning to a place, love, husband, missionary, evangelist, prayer, helping the kingdom come on earth as in heaven

Maybe that will start it off for us.


Anonymous said…
This is Brian Harrison again. I think that by stating what you aren't is a way of stating what you are in one of those circular kind of ways, but that's not what you want, so I'll follow your rules. Right now, my life is all about God and His Word. That's all I need to define my life, my thoughts, my actions. I'm not saying that everything that I do and think is in accordance with God's will; I'm just saying that I know what I should be thinking/doing because of His Word. Getting caught up in too much more than that leads us away from the child-like faith that I believe we are all supposed to have. Jesus didn't say what He did so that the wise men of the world would understand. They won't understand. Children understand it because they told that that's the way it is. When wise men see a chair, they see something that will hold them up, craftmanship, simplicity/complexity, etc. When kids see a chair, that's all it is. They don't think about all of the junk that goes along with it. Why not have the same approach with His Word? This is what it says, okay, that's what it means, end of story. I don't know, personal thoughts kind of invaded this comment, but whatever. It's what is on my mind right now. Have a great day, full of glorifying God.

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