The Altar Call

"Imagine if you can, Jesus having people bow their heads after hearing the Sermon
on the Mount, and then very slowly and softly (while Bartholomew plays "How
Great Thou Art" on the accordion) saying to the crowd, "While your heads are
bowed and your eyes are closed, if you really want to be My disciple tonight, if
you really want to show My Father and I that you truly mean to follow this
sermon I have given, then I want you to slip your hand up slowly, so that I may
see it. There now... yes... yes... I see that hand ... and that one ... and the
one way back by the fig tree ... yes! Now, please, while Bart plays another
chorus, I'd like you to start moving down through the center of the crowd ...
yes, those who raised their hand. I want to know if you really mean business.
I'd like to lead you in a prayer ... "

Keith Green in Whats Wrong With the Gospel Part 2

Man, I love Keith Green.


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