Why do we need rest?

The last two weeks have been crazy at our house. And the next two weeks look like they will be too. But today is Sunday. The day that we stop and rest as God has commanded us. Why do we have to rest? So much of God’s creation continues in motion without a rest. The sun rises every day and never gets a break. The flowing river never stops to catch it’s breath.The waves beat on the shore without ceasing. God did not command the flowers to sleep, or the animals to lay down and rest. But he did for man.
Why is that? The rest that God prescribes us is not just a physical rest, but a spiritual and emotional rest. You might be able to physically keep going today, to accomplish whatever you need to do. But God has designed us in such a way that we need rest. Not just rest for our bodies, but rest for our hearts and minds. We were refresh our bodies by ceasing from work. And we refresh our minds and hearts by worshiping God. This is the way God has made us.
And we are to do this worship with the church body together. Church on Sunday is not just another thing to do, it is God’s gift to us and to be a place where we rest in Him. Just as you might feel renewed after an evening with good friends, so your heart and mind will be refreshed to face the battles of the week ahead after worshiping with the body of Christ. You cannot stay at home and say that you are honoring the Sabbath. God has commanded us to be together. He has commanded us to worship together, so that I might encourage you, and you might encourage me. When we neglect the assembling of the saints, we miss the chance to honor God, and to gather strength for what lies ahead.
What good does it do you if you stay home and rest but your heart is weak? What good is a man or woman who had a strong body but a heart that is far from God?
We all like to talk about how busy we are, but rest is a choice. God commanded us to rest, and when we don't it is direct disobedience. Not only that, we are fools to ignore the one who created us.

Where ever this post finds you today, take some time to rest and be renewed. If you start to feel guilty or start thinking about all you have to do, just remember that you are following your Maker's orders.


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