Below is some of my most recent sermons.  I hope you enjoy.

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Too many of us settle for a relationship with Christ that looks real, but isn't. Matthew shows us that there is a cost to following Christ. Any cost that we pay is nothing compared to the cost that Christ already paid for us.

The Bible does not promise a miracle if we follow a certain formula. But the account in Matthew 8 shows that if we want God to act in our lives in ways we can't explain, miraculous ways, then there are things that must be done first.

Some researchers say we make 35k decisions a day. But when it comes to our eternal life, we only have two choices. In Matthew 
7:13-23 Jesus makes clear that there are only two ways to live.

Do you ever get discouraged in prayer? Jesus teaches us that we can be assured that we have a good Father who cares for us deeply. This sermon comes from Matthew 7:7-12

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