An Update to Pilgrims Progress

*Editors Note:  I would never change Pilgrim's Progess.  One of my favorite books I read every year.  I would not really change Bunyan's work.  

Proposal:  A modern character update to John Bunyan's classic Pilgrim's Progress

Character Name: Distraction

Character Summary:  Distraction is always, well distracted.  He speaks boldly about following the path to the Heavenly City, but never makes it very far on the road. He is definitely on the right path, but only travels in burst, and has long periods of inactivity.  Christian finds him just beyond the cross after he loses his burden, and they have the following conversation.

Chrstian:  Are you traveling on this path, friend?  Might you be able to point me in the way to go?

Distraction:  I am definitely all about this path, and I'm so excited I lost by my burden.  I can point you in the right way for sure.  

C:  Have you been here in this spot long?

D: Not really, no.  I entered through the gate maybe four or five years ago.  I was really intent on getting to the heavenly city, but you know, some stuff came up. So I parked here for a while. 

C: Four or five years?

D: Yeah maybe longer.  I kinda lost track after the second conference on "How to Go Farther" on the path.

C: Don't you want to get to see the King?  He has already done so much for me in removing my burden.  I can't imagine knowing the King is waiting for me to arrive, and staying here in the same spot for years.

D:  Yeah, well, I know already made it farther than a lot of people.  I'm just thankful, ya know? I really intend to get around to reading that letter from the King someday.  

C: You have a letter from the King and haven't read it? What have you been doing?

D: Well, first I started on the letter, but I noticed the grass on this side of the path wasn't as lush as the other side. So I spent some time researching how to make grass grow in the shade.

C: Grass

D:  Yeah. Then I remembered the letter and picked it up again. Then I decided before I went on more I should share some with some people about how great the the letter from the King is.  

C:  Oh, well, that sounds good.  It's good to share with others.  But how can you share about something you haven't read?  

D:  Well, I did read part of it, before I got distracted.   I even shared part of the letter I read with some people, but then I started reading about people who don't even have a letter from the King, they haven't even heard.

C: But you do have a letter and haven't read it.  And you're still in the same spot on the path you've been for years.

D: Well, then I met my new friend, Entertainment.  Have you met him?  No matter where you are or what's going on, he takes your mind off things.  He's not really a bad guy.  And he is loads of fun at parties.  

C: Parties.  On the path to the heavenly kingdom?

D: Well, it gets pretty boring here, ya know?  So Entertainment and I grab people on the path and get them to stay with us.  

C: Do many stay?  

D: Lots.  You might be surprised.  This spot is just really comfortable, ya know?  I want everybody to feel good and enjoy their time here.  I'm afraid if I go farther down the path, the next spot won't be as comfortable. It won't have the things I'm used to here.   I'd just like to have this comfortable spot, a little further down the path.  

Christian begins to look around, seeing how comfortable he has made that spot on the path. Christian begins to sit down and talk to Distraction more, before Evangelist grabs him by the arm and kicks him down the path.  


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