Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

The title of this book will make you pick it up and look at it, if nothing else, but the way that Summit Church Pastor JD Greear tackles a difficult topic will be the reason you stay with it to the end.

In the book, Greear relays his own difficulties in growing up in his particular brand of evangelicalism.  That is to say, one that practices extended altar calls, revivalism, and stresses personal moment of conversion.  This is a strand I am familiar with having grown up in it and now pastoring in a section of the country where that view is most prevalent.

Right from the beginning though, he makes his premise clear

"Salvation is not a prayer you pray in one time ceremony and then move on from; Salvation is a posture of repentance and faith that you begin in a moment and maintain for the rest of your life"

He continues on this trajectory for the rest of the book, chasing this theme, and tackling relevant and difficult passages regarding salvation, and the perseverance of saints until the end of their life.  

He goes through topics such as "once saved, always saved", re-baptism, doubting, and the link between assurance and justification by faith alone.  

For a lightweight  somewhat comical looking book with a attention grabbing title, Greear lays out a heavy theological work in an easy to understand language.  He begins with walking through what salvation is and isn't, moves on to assurance, repentance, and doubt.  The book is thoroughly biblical and relies on many heavy theologians, such as John Bunyan, CS Lewis, and others.

Below are some quotes

Belief in the Gospel is not demonstrated by never failing, but by what you do when you do fail.

Saving faith always endures  to the end.  Faith that fades, no matter how luscious the first fruits, is not saving faith.

Repentance is belief in action.

Belief in God:  Acknowledging that God told the trut about Jesus, namely that He is Lord and that He has finished for us forever the work of salvation. 

The gospel in four words:  Jesus in my place

I enjoyed the book, both as a pastor and christian, and found it helpful in both those areas as well.  I recommend you pick it up.  


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