True or not?

Well, tell me pastors, teachers, preachers and so on, do you think this is true?

" a man goes on preaching this gospel, he finds he has to work more and more. In the early days of Christian ministry I was given sermons, but now I have to work harder, and it is like that in the Christian life." Martyn Lloyd-Jones

This is only part of the quote, but I am not taking it out of context. The idea being that the more you preach and teach, it gets harder instead of easier. That the gospel demands more of you, more of your thoughts, time, efforts and study.

Give me your thoughts!


Rick Boyne said…
I think this essentially true. As time goes on and I gain experience, in both preaching and understanding the Word, I am no longer satisfied with 'turning a clever phrase', or frankly even getting all my points to start with the same letter. (sometimes that's fun, though)

I am more concerned with the UNDERSTANDABILITY of what I say and how it applies to the lives of the congregation. I want to ask questions that will make them think about the sermon all week long. I want to delve into areas where they are uncomfortable and then have to think their way back out.

Of course, that doesn't happen with every sermon, but that is a goal of sorts.

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