Life In Christ Lloyd-Jones

"The church has been doing that for many years, she has turned to what has been called the 'social gospel', and we have constantly heard about the social application of the gospel. General statements are made about life, addresses are delivered by archbishops and they are always recorded in the press, but still the situation continues. And according to the Bible, it must continue. What right have we to expect christian behavior from a world that does not believe in Christ. Why should the world apply Christian principles? Does it believe in Christ, does it acknowledge Him to be who He is? Does it accept Him as Savior?

Indeed, I do not hesitate to say that according to the New Testament it is rank heresy to recommend Christian behavior to people who are not Christian. They are incapable of it! Before people can live the Christian life, they must be made a new creation; if they cannot keep the moral law and the Ten Commandments, the ancient law given to the children of Israel, how can they live according to the Sermon on the Mount? How can they follow Christ? It is ridiculous! That is not our message, that is not what the church must say."

Martyn Lloyd-Jones Life in Christ: Studies in 1 John

So, what do you think. If you carry this to it's conclusions, it could call for some very different things that what we have been used to in Evangelicalism. Could this stance be used to advocate not standing against gay marriage, abortion, slavery, murder, public corruption, and on and on?


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