The Giants Keep Coming

In II Samuel 21, David had to fight against the Phillistine army. Again. The very people that he started out fighting against as a teenager. Goliath was the Philistine champion, remember? Now David has to fight his people again. By this time in his life, David is a much older man. So old that he faints in battle, and his men tell him to not come out with them anymore. Not only is it the Philistines, some of them are the sons of Goliath, now big and bad themselves. Truly the offspring of evil.

Now, I don't want to build a whole theological system off of minor characters, but it only takes quick glance around you to see that evil begets evil. It for sure is true in my own life and struggles One thing leads to another, and on and on. David fought these people, this family, for his whole life. So what does that mean for us?

1. Alot of my struggles through my life will look the same. I struggle with pride, with wanting recognition and fame. I have since elementary. All I ever wanted to be growing up was a rockstar. Instead I became a pastor. My struggles seem the same over the course of my life. It's all the same, only the names have changed, to quote some Bon Jovi theology. David fought these people his whole life, and because of my habits and my nature, and the things that I have allowed into my mind, I struggle with the same things from ten years ago.

2. Knowing is half the battle, according to GI Joe, so I need to be on extra guard to protect those areas in my life where I know I am weak. That is where Satan will hit me. I can say I have never struggled with killing people. Just not my thing. But my pride gets me all the time. Not believing God can satisfy. I know my weaknesses, and must ask God to protect them. Paul talks in II Corinthians 12 about glorying in my weaknesses, and I have to do that, I must let them draw me to God, to pull me close no matter what. I find joy in temptation, for I know God will come through.

3. It would be easy to get down, struggling with the same sin. We are all dragged away and enticed by our own lusts according to James. Mine are different than yours. Now, constantly giving in to the same sin over and over presents a problem, one that must be dealt with through repentance. But I am tempted by the enemy in the same old way all the time. My hope for my life is that I will face temptation, and that I will overcome. Then the temptation will fade, I will be closer to God, and then right when I least expect it, Satan will throw it in my path again. In those areas where I am most vulnerable. Knowing that I am prone to certain struggles, means I must constantly protect myself in those areas, so I do not give in to surprises. I must ask God daily to protect me, to deliver me from evil.

There is only one who can save me.


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