We Have No King

In my sermon this morning on John 19, we discussed the idea of Christ as King of our life.
I think that this is something that we have a hard time understanding in our democratic world. I have never lived under a king, and the only monarchy I can think of off hand is England, which seems to be pretty symbolic for the most part. In our democratic world, we have a president, who has some power, but certainly not all. We pray every 4th of July to thank God that we live in a country where we have freedoms. The government can't get into every part of our lives. Big Brother should not be able to watch every part of my life. I deserve privacy. I have rights. Government has its limits.

When I think about Christ as king, I automatically look at that through my western democratic lenses. Christ rules over my life, but I still have rights. I have privacy. Or I view Christ as a boss who controls my work life, but not what I do for fun. There are certain parts of my life that Christ does not control. Because no one has absolute power. Absolute power corrupts, right?

When I proclaim Christ as King of my life, King of Kings, I must stop and think about what that really means. I must put down the democratic kool-aid, and realize the consequences of calling Christ my king. I have no control, no privacy. No part of my life is left up to me. I turn it all over to Christ. For he is KING.


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