I have heard and preached the depravity of man many times. A quick glance into my own life and thoughts will quickly confirm the idea that man is wicked. I am amazed at the lenghts that some people go to in their hatred for God.

Blasphemy Challenge

The first video is pretty self explanatory. They are asking people to put videos of themselves online denying the existence of or blashpeming the holy spirit. In order to bring the dogman and child abuse indoctrination of christianity into the light.

End Christmas

I am a tad late in getting to this one, but these people appear to sneak into churches and leave DVD's around that explain the true origins of Christmas as pagan and demonic.

Honestly, it makes my heart break for these people. I know now I am just a stupid Christian and his emotions. But my heart weeps for these people, and this kind of thing keeps me up at night. Honestly, I avoid these things most of the time, because I simply don't know how to respond to such anger and hatred toward Christ.

More than anything, questions come to mind:

Why are they doing this?
What does God think of this?
If indeed these people are dammned to hell, did this occur before or after their little speeches?

Why did God choose me? What makes me different from them in my life and walk with God? What would I say to them if they were a member in my church? If they came and visited my church?

Lots of questions, not enough answers


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