Christian Growth

I have been praying and praying for God to move in my life. I want Him to move like the Bible says He does. Magnificent acts of creation, light created with a word, mountains formed with a movement of His hand.

That is not the way that God works in my life. I want God to be magnificent and majestic, like a massive downpour carving out the grand canyon, not a simple little river that carves it's way out over time. I am not here to argue creation or evolution, so please don't. I just know that most times God in my life is slow and deliberate. There have been those amazing acts of God, salvation, being set free from my old life. But I know that most of the time, the process in which God grows me is slow and deliberate. Something that has a definite purpose but is difficult to see. Something that is hard to wait on. But if I wait, the result is just as amazing, just as marvelous.

But it doesn't mean that I like it.


havoc said…
other times, he moves in mighty, roaring, terrifying storms. power, majesty, terrifying winds, brilliant flashes of lightening, rains bursting from the skies, dry stream beds overflowing their once dusty banks, waves pounding on the shores of our lives....

That's what the last year has been like for me. it's wonderfully terrifying in the most marvelous way imaginable. I somewhat dread the passing of this "storm," and the return to the "normal" life. God speaks to us in the storm and in the "desert." I lift you up that you will be open and aware to every miracle He puts in your life. Every blade of grass in your life that springs up from the good soil that you are and proclaims, "He is Risen! and He's alive in me!"
Anonymous said…
hey there, it's great to see you update. i was a little concerned. anyway, God is doing great things in my life, mainly because i've been praying for a vision that goes along with my passion. i know i don't understand all of it, but i'm getting bits and pieces, and it's amazing. i'll start praying that your passion grows and that you have a passion to match it. love you man

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