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I started reading Twelve Baskets Full by Watchman Nee last night. In it, he was talking about the body of Christ and how important it is for us to be a part of that. He made a reference to the seed of Abraham being as numerous as the sand on the seashore. It got me thinking about sand.

Next time you have a chance, pick up a single grain of sand and hold it in your hand. What can it do? Nothing. It can support nothing, hold back nothing, and is good for nothing. But people use sand to stop floods, to support, to do all sorts of things.

In my life, until late, I was like that sinlge grain of sand. I wanted to do everything in the church, yet I could do nothing. Until Christ got ahold of me and showed me my need for the body, and what we could accomplish when we united under Him, I thought way to highly of myself. The Body of Christ is an amazing thing. It shapes nations, it makes history, it inspires, it motivates, it encourages. But to me, the most amazing things are the small ones. Caring for the poor. Reaching to the desperate. Giving hope to the hopeless. Pray for each other. Disciple. Encourage. Build up. This is the most amazing thing about the body of Christ. Forget history, and politics, and nations and all that junk. When people allow themselves to be united under Christ, they are brought together, and made strong. They touch people. They change people's lives. That is what the church is about to me. That is amazing. That God unites a bunch of broken down people under his authority, gives them power, and sends them out to give of themselves to others, to give Him to others, to change their lives.


Anonymous said…
It's hard for me to not think about history and politics because that is what my collegiate education consists of: the study of people, both past and present, who are so concerned with other people's thoughts and actions towards themselves that they run for public office and get to make decisions for us. The sad thing is that in the end it doesn't matter except that what happens in "that world" will give the antichrist an opportunity to rise to power (can anyone say hitler, julius caesar, and napoleon three times fast?). Anyway, I went to that Robert guy's site on Rev. 14 and left a comment. The whole dispensationalist premillenist talk sort of threw me for a loop, but I just ignored it, read the post and comments, then voiced my opinion. Personally, I'm a fan of sorts of the Left Behind series, but only because those are the first books, other than Revelations, that talks about the End Times. I want to read more on it, but those books will be much more subjective than "this is what the Bible says" so I've avoided them. Anyway, I'm going to go google premillenialism and see what happens. Take it easy.

Brian Harrison
Kristen said…
I linked to you--just FYI. Anyone who loves Keith Green as much as you do is a friend of mine. :)

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