Where is the line?

So, since Sara and I moved we have been looking for the spot God wants us. I do not fully understand where that is. However, I don't feel like working "on staff" at a church is where God wants us. So we have been visiting churches. Honestly, this is something that I have never done before. I started volunteering and working at church almost immediatly after I got out of high school.

We are looking for more than just a church to "join." We are looking for a church that will help us fulfill the task God has called us to. Will I ever find a church that I am completley happy with? What sort of things should I let slide and what sort of things should I hold fast to?

Where is the line?

Do I put up with the 40 Days of purpose, the legality, the business meeting and committees? Where is the line? Which doctrines are essential and which are not? Most people will say as long as the true gospel is being preached. But I say that everything, I repeat everything, a church does affects the gospel. From the obvious things like music and preaching, to budgets, nursery, sunday school, and meetings.

I will be honest. I want a perfect church. A church that is biblical in everthing that it does.

Unrealistic? I hope not. So, since I cannot find that church, do I just find the one that fits best, start my own, or what?

Maybe I am unrealistic. So, here is the real question.

How can I maintian my ideals without being idealistic?


Anonymous said…
Hey there, I (Brian) recently had to deal with the same thing while trying to find a church here in Stillwater that I could go to when I wasn't going back to EHBC. I'm pretty sure I went to every Baptist church in Stillwater until the very last one, which happens to be the closest to campus, was just right. For me at least, all it takes is one service for me to be able tell if it's right church, at least for the immediate future. Between the music/singing part of the service and the sermon, I can tell where the pastor's and church's emphasizes lie. If it's more about the songs or the people singing or the guy claiming to be a preacher, I don't go back. One church keeps trying to get me to come back, but there "pastor" gave a history report. I don't know. I think that you're close enough to God that when you go to "the right church," you'll know it. God wanted you to move, He's not going to leave you hanging out to dry. Be patient, keep looking, and pray. That's the best you can do.
Anonymous said…
I've been offline for a while (mostly due to work pressures) and just got back into the blogosphere. I didn't know you moved to Sherman! Please email me at robert0122 at gmail.com. I'd like to meet you.
Anonymous said…
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