How Long

How long do I continue to speak God's word to people who do not listen? When is enough enough? I'm so weary of speaking the Truth of God into people who continue to choose to put Him out of their lives. Church is just a game to them, somewhere where they can go so they know that they are better than the rest of the "losers" in town who don't go to church. Don't get me wrong, they watch the same movies, listen to the same music, yell at the refs just the same as the "losers" but they are better because they belong to church.

Jesus told his disciples to shake the dust off their feet when they left a town who did not hear them. In all three instances in the Gospels, it says "when you leave" so my question is when do you leave?

I have to watch myself, or I will slip back into my old trap of formulaism. Meaning, I look for the formula, and many times I will leave God out of it. The obvious answer is "When God Tells you to" I guess that means that I need to wait. He alone is good, He alone is my passion and my purpose, and He will speak to me in His perfect time.


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