I was cruising around on Pastors.com, a site put out by the greatest thing since Left Behind, Rick Warren. I have many problems with the Purpose Driven movement, and the "seeker sensitive" church. Their emphasis on man and shift away from the sovereignty of God continues to make me sick.

While looking around the forums I came across this gem from one of the posters.

I also believe that if expect to reach lost students through our services than the service is going to have to be relavent to them and geared towards them, if our target is lost students.
If they don't find it interesting then why come to church?
On the other hand our Christian students need to be taught that worship services are not all about them.

How is a service to be geared toward people? Is it just me or is he talking from both sides of his mouth? We should gear our service towards the students, and then once they become Christians, tell them that it's not about them.

Seems like he's lying to somebody. Either the service is about them or it isn't. Excuse me for thinking that the church should be about God. The seeker sensitive church continues to wallow in it's selfish indulgence of it's carnal desires for entertainment. I weary of watching the church go down the drain. The focus is not on God, and until it is no true change will ever take place.


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