Remember when I said I was moving to Sherman? Well, many times in my haste and uh, well, folly, I get ahead of God. I think that I know what is best for me and that I can plan my own life. On this Sunday my wife and I are going in view of a call to First Baptist Church Fort Cobb, OK. For those who don't know it is about 20 miles from Nowhere, OK. No joke.

Why do I think that I can run my own life. I left the church I was at after praying, praying and more praying. Then God gave me the answer, and I got up off my knees and said, "Thanks God, I'll figure out the rest on my own." I am so tired of trying to do things on my own. I am so trapped in the thinking of my generation. And of many pastors today. I think that in order to see true revival happen, and to see lives radically transformed, I must be at a cutting edge church. With modern worship and great teaching. I am not talking about lights or movies or all that junk. For some reason I think God will be more likely to move at a more modern church. Why do I limit God? Why do I dishonor him with my thoughts?

God has promised to move no matter where I am . So long as I pray. I must stay on my knees. God has promised me if I pray He will move. And so I will pray.


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