Looks that way!

Well, it looks like I am moving to Sherman, TX. I don't know why, though. I left the church I was at because my wife and I knew God was telling us to move on. We sent out resumes to churches from Alabama to Kentucky to California to Colorado to Kansas to Arkansas to Texas. We then knew God was narrowing it down to Texas, and we felt he was calling us back to youth ministry. After sending out about thirty resumes with no response, we were not sure what to think. Through our prayer with God and conversation with each other, it seems that God wants us to move to Sherman. Her family is close to there, which has no bearing on it, that we know of. But God wants us to move there without a church job. To move and work and just trust Him. In fact, we are going down there this weekend to scope it out

Seems pretty crazy to me. How many times do I put off what God is telling me because it seems too crazy. I know the desires God has given me and the dreams He has given me as well. I must trust Him, that His plan is perfect.

Can God moving me to Sherman be part of His plan? It can't be anymore crazy than choosing twelve uneducated men to take His gospel to the nations. God's plan is perfect, and I must learn to trust Him no matter where he takes me.

What crazy thing has God been telling you? Are you doing it, or just knocking it off to your imagination. Trust Him, and do what He tells you. This is what he asks.


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