New Bibles

I work at LifeWay Christian Bookstore, and there is a new bible out along the lines of the Revolve bible for teenage girls. This one is called Refuel and is geared toward teenage boys, like a magazine. It has top ten lists, Do's and Don'ts, and cool interviews and stories. I picked it up to flip through it, and number one on the top ten list of cool things God made is girls, just edging out jagged mountain peaks and soaring eagles. Then there is a list of do's and don'ts. Do be nice to your mom, don't hit your sister, do pick up after yourself, and don't look down shirts and up skirts. And the top ten reasons to avoid pre-maritial sex. A few reasons on the list were herpes and genetial warts.

This is the Holy Word of God, and these things have no business being in there. I was told by a colleague that I needed to rid myself of my conservative mindset and realize that this language is needed. There is never a need for this in the Word of God. Never mind teaching impressionable boys the value of being filled with spirit, and obeying the voice of the Father. Never mind teaching them to not have sex because the bible commands us not to. Or to simply obey the Lord.

We are raising a generation of youth illiterate about the true teachings of the bible. People put things in the bible that are not of God, and someday our nation will pay the price for their Godlessnes.


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