Mac Swift reminded me of something. I didn't watch the Superbowl either. Instead, I cleaned at my church, and had dinner with my fiance. I can honestly say I did not miss a thing. Not great commercials, not a close game, not anything. I love sports, but they are a waste of time. It is all such a severe waste of time. That does not glorify the Father. I hate myself for wasting my time on this.

Do you want to know what true revival is? When bars shut down, because no one wastes their money on that filth. True revival is when the sports stadiums shut down because people don't care anymore. I am tired of filling my mind with filth. Do you think I will get to heaven, and God will say. "Well done my good and faithful servant, but you should've loosened up some" (to paraphrase Leonard Ravenhill) Why are people shocked about the half time show, they are doing what come natural to them.

Father, help me rid my mind of the filth I fill it with. Help me to honor and worship you with all my mind and soul and strength. Help me to be radically devoted to you. Father, make me holy as you are holy. Whatever the cost.


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