Have you got ON the Cross today?

Spirituality that saves men from hell and keeps men from vulgar sins is wonderful, but I believe, elementary. When Paul went to the cross, the miracle of conversion and regeneration took place; but later, when Paul got on the Cross, the greater miracle of identification took place.

Leonard Ravenhill -Why Revival Tarries

Why does it seem like I am not making a difference for the Kingdom? Because I am simply coming to the cross. I am receiving forgiveness, and regeneration, and being cleansed. But it is the identification with Chrsit on the cross that is the true glory of the gospel. That is when the world takes note, and realizes there is something different about that person. Father, crucify me, count me worthy to suffer for your names sake. I count the things of the world as rubbish. Help me to climb on the cross daily.


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