Called Up

One of my best friends, currently living in Idaho with his wife, is about to celebrate his one year anniversary. Then he gets a call. He is being shipped out to overseas (he's in the reserves) and will be gone for about 18 months. This is obviously very distressing. He can't be in my wedding in March, he can't be with his wife, he will be in great danger. He told me this about two weeks ago and has been preparing himself to go. How do you prepare yourself to leave the only one you have ever loved for a year and a half? What can you do? Cry alot, was his response. There is nothing you can do about it. You have no choice. Then early this past Saturday morning, two days before leaving, they called and told him he wasn't going after all. His orders had been cancelled.

I cannot begin to imagine his sigh of relief. Or of his wife. I would like to be the person that gets to call people and tell them that they get to stay. That they are not being shipped out.

But everyday I have the oppurtunity to tell someone some even greater news, and I let it pass by. Why do I continue to neglect the duties the Lord has given me. I am praying that the Lord will give me one person to lead to Him by the end of this year. Just one. Would you please do the same.


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