My Neglect

Why do I neglect what the Father has done for me? Why do I think that I can guide my own life? That I can control my circumstances? I am so arrogant. I am so prideful. I think that I have the answer to everything. But I know nothing. I must seek the Holy Spirit, ask Him to come in and ransack my heart, empty out all the closets and drawers of my mind, and turn it all over to the Father. I must humble myself in the sight of the Lord, and trust that he will lift me up. I must dive into His word, I must spend hours in prayer. I must, I tell you, I must. We do not have long on this earth, and I can do nothing better than to spend time in prayer to the Father. Lord, make my heart groan for you. Let me hurt for you.

Of one thing the believer may be certain, the Holy Spirit never leaves a seeking heart untouched. He is ever willing for surgery and healing.
J. Edwin Orr

Father, touch me! Move me! Speak to my heart! Come and wash away the mountians of unholiness, and humble me. Let me know who you are.


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