I just got a bunch of new books. Actually they are old books. I got them while packing up the office of my friends father, a pastor. I must say that this is the most excited that I have been in a long time. Why is this so? I like the way they smell, especially old ones. I have been know to dive into dumpsters, scavenge estate sales, and anything else I can do to get my hands on them. I generally don't buy or read new books, and try to not buy ones that were first published before 1945. Don't ask why that date. It is just some arbitrary date I picked. Does anyone else have such a bizarre love affair with the books. I especially love the puritans, and others. Is my stock piling books some sort of idol worship? Am I depriving other people of the book that might change their life, and all it does is sit on my shelf? I have such a dilemma with myself. Is this a healthy habit? Or should I just read them and then give them away. I have gotten rid of some, keeping only all my reference books, which are expensive and something I use over and over. So, all of that to say. I love books. Send me some, or contact me if you need one, because I might have it.


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