I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. I must admit, however, that I am ashamed of the gospel of my generation. To state from the begininng, I am not a modernist nor a post modernist. I fall somewhere in the middle. I suppose that makes me more of a post modernist than not, but that is another day.

The Gospel of My Generation
As I am on the internet and read and surf and read books and read, I come across a lot of the same things. The same ideas tossed around by different people. What are we going to do to reach this generation? How will we deal with the emerging church? We need to incorporate all these ancient practices and contemplation to engage the whole body and mind. We must deconstruct our worship and then strip it to bare essentials only to reconstruct it with post modern world views, filters, and paradigms. These are the things I read all over the internet. I have an idea, lets deconstruct our worship to get rid of all the fluff and then leave it at that. Do we really think that lighting candles on stage, or meditating on a verse, doing this or that is going to be the deciding factor in whether a person gets saved or not? Give me a break. I must be honest, this makes me want to puke. Since when did how we say it become more important than what we say? Read I Corinthians 1:22-2:5. This passage holds a significant influence in my life for numerous reasons. We must get ahold of the truth that the testimony of which I speak dignifies the language and dialect and method of presentation. This may come as a surprise to alot of people, but the chances are exactly the same of someone getting saved under Billy Grahm, Bill Hybles, John Calvin, Tony Campolo, a farmer, or a person who cannot even read or write. Why? Because it is not us doing the saving. It is not our methods that bring people to the Lord, it is His power. It is His testimony through my life that brings people to His side.

We do seem to be ashamed of the gospel of Christ these days. We think that it is not enough. We think that we need to do everything we can to help it, from telling jokes, to chanting scripture, to who knows what else. People, we must make a return to the gospel of Christ. It has the power, the "dunamis", that dynamite power. The power to break down walls and go through whatever we may perceive as obstacles. It is the power to change lives.


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